Hogar Bambi

Our History

We are a Non Profit Venezuelan Civil Association, aimed at the comprehensive care of children and young people between 0 and 18 years, who for situations of social risk are not with their family.

We are a group of professionals and technicians, highly sensitive and socially committed, accompanied by a group of caregivers who care for children 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

What we do

We serve +120 children and adolescents who are referred by agencies of the protection system, which pass to live temporarily in Hogar Bambi, until the cause of their intervention is solved and they can be reinserted back into their family group, be given legally in family placement or adoption by the competent authorities, thus restoring their right to the family.

Areas of Attention

  • Affection:

    We give our childrens a lot of affection and understanding.

  • Food, Clothing and Housing:

    We provide the children with all the cloth, food and shelter they needs.

  • Medical-pediatric:

    Pediatric consultation with daily attention and, if required, it is sent to specialized centers for external consultation with specialists