Our History

Fundana was created on August 12, 1991, in order to protect and train children from newborns up to six years of age who are in a situation of maximum social exclusion.

It is an entity where a home is provided with comprehensive care to children who are disconnected from their family environment because they have been victims of abuse, violence, neglect or neglect.

FUNDANA has served more than 12,000 children

What We Do

We provide comprehensive care to the population of Venezuelan children, ranging in
age from newborn to six years of age, who are in a situation of abuse and neglect, due
to threats or violation of their rights.

Areas of Attention

  • Medical:

    Pediatric consultation with daily attention and, if required, it is sent to specialized centers for external consultation with specialists

  • Psychological:

    Initial evaluation and periodic attention according to needs.

  • Social:

    Location and evaluation of the family of Origin, through home and institutional visits to determine the socio-economic conditions of the family.

  • Educational and early stimulation:

    Leveling program (within the institution) for children who when entering cannot be directly incorporated into formal education and early stimulation program for children under two years of age. The other children are registered and attend educational centers outside the entity.

  • Recreational:

    Extra-curricular activities such as swimming, computer fast-track program, sports teachers and activities with volunteers.

  • Speech therapy and Physiotherapy.

    All treatment begins with an hour-long assessment in one of our private treatment rooms. During this time, we will discuss your child’s medical history, their needs, create goals, and perform a full assessment of range, strength, balance, and whatever else may be relevant to the child’s condition.