Fe y Alegria

Our History

It is a Movement of Integral Popular Education and Social Promotion. Because it understands that education covers all dimensions of the person, has different educational modality, which integrates: science - technology - work.

It currently has more than 170 educational centers throughout Venezuela and assists more than 340,000 children in the popular sectors.

What we do

Fe y Alegría in its institutional activities and commitment with the needy population, develops an educational work in the training of leaders and the promotion of their initiatives, wich encourage the social change and economic development of their communities.

Areas of Attention

  • Teacher Training:

    It aims to improve the pedagogy implemented in each education project offered by Fe y Alegría, helping in this way to build an educational model which adapts to the reality and the conditions of the environment where each academic program runs on-site, blended or alternative.

  • Alternative Education

    Fe y Alegría promotes the alternative education through complementary action programs to boys and girls.

  • School Education:

    Fe y Alegría develops an educative project robust and sustainable that contributes to the improvement of the life conditions, provoking the change and transformation of the environment in each one of our students and participants.